Posh Wash

Professional Car Cleaning

Where do I serve?
Alcester, Redditch, Stratford, Warwickshire and the surrounding area. I'm fully mobile and can come to your home or office.

Why choose us?

Whether it’s your daily runabout or your pride and joy, you need to know your car will treated with the utmost respect. From hard working people carrier to Aston Martin, my standard is the same: perfection. I take my time, use the best products and apply my years of experience to get the best results. I am reliable, professional, courteous, friendly and best of all, I promise very competitive rates with no compromise on time or quality. And, I will come to you, bringing everything I need. Just book a time at home or work that suits you.

There's nothing worse than booking someone and they don't show up or miss the time you'd set aside. This is my business and livelihood. I will always turn up when you book me and take the time needed to get your car perfectly clean, inside and out. On the very rare occasion there's a problem, I will keep you informed. I can come to your home or work, whichever suits you and just need to be able to get around the car to clean it. You don't need to do or provide anything.

What does it cost?
I'm flexible. Let us quote you for your individual needs. We can do any combination you choose, for single cars, fleets and returning customers. Click here for rates.

Get in touch... call 07877 426 827 or email r999jrd@gmail.com